Friday, April 30, 2010

Calendar Introduction

I would like to share my study of calendars in a series of posts. I will preface them all right now with the statement that I believe the calendar in effect both in the Temple and by Yeshua and his disciples was that used by the community who hid the scrolls in the caves at the Dead Sea. I will post each topic in a separate posting to break it up a bit.

The Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) Calendar uses the sun, moon and stars, as written in Genesis chapter 1. It is not a lunar calendar corrected every once in awhile like the Jewish calendars, and it is not a purely solar calendar like the Christian calendars. It does not use sighting to see if the barley is ripe in time for firstfruits like the Karaites do; however, since the days are fixed in relationship to the spring equinox, the barley is always ripe anyway.

The people who preserved this calendar recorded when every priest's clan served over a six year period, what phase the moon was in over a three year period, what constellation was in effect for a one year period, which priest served at the head of each year across six cycles of Jubilee periods, and more. The various perfect patterns all interacting together in this calendar is amazing.

The text from the scrolls has been put into graphic calendar form at

The data has not yet been synchronized with the heavens. However, once it is, I believe that by looking in the sky we will be able to know what day of the week it is, what day of the month it is, what month it is, what year of the three year tithe cycle we are in, what year of the six year priest cycle we are in, what year of the seven year sabbatical cycle we are in, what year of the jubilee we are in, and ultimately, what year since creation we are in.

In the following posts, I will share what the bible says the calendar is, and how that conflicts with other systems out there. I pray that all who read this will have an open mind and search the scriptures to see if it is true.

Shalom in Yeshua, Shari

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